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  • Totalook: interview with the designer

    Totalook: interview with the designer

    Emilceramica explores the world of resins in search of original interplays of light with the Totalook collection. In this interview, Emilgroup’s Marketing and R&D Director Giancarlo Macchioni tells us about the series.


    How would you describe TotaLook by Emilceramica?


    It is an innovative collection conceived to allow designers to create architectural spaces featuring a single colour, a totalook, while ranging between rooms with varied inspiration, playing with different surfaces, volumes, decorations and sizes. From an aesthetic perspective, the Totalookby Emilceramica colour palette features a wide range of possible combinations for designers and therefore offers great compositional freedom.


    What surfaces feature the colour palette?


    The 5 sophisticated resin shades – Bianco, Sabbia, Grigio, Antracite and Blu Avio – come in two very visually striking variations: a soft and tactile ResinSoft (R9) version and an elegant TotalResin Slim (R10) surface that is resistant to heavy traffic. The Tecnica version, which features an anti-slip surface that is pleasing to the touch, is ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces, whether public or private.

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