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  • Inspired by Greek quartzite

    Inspired by Greek quartzite

    Stone is an ever-popular interior design classic, capable of giving character and light to any type of room. And it is on light that Ergon has focused when designing Oros Stone.

    Oros Stone is inspired by a particularly bright type of quartzite from Greece, and comes in six colours - White, Sand, Greige, Grey, Sky Blue and Anthracite - containing microcrystals that generate constantly changing light effects on surfaces. Thus, surfaces are textured, variegated, and characterised by the stone’s distinctive grain. The collection also features the innovative Multi Prestige Brecciato, a modular selection of nine different sizes with “chipped” edges that recreate the “split” effect of the real stone, the basis for creative installation patterns with a highly expressive, natural effect. The authentic look of quartzite is provided by Splitstone, the 3D wall covering version combining three-dimensional volume with special graphic design, perfectly matched with the structure.

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